G-JACK General Jack Enterprise Ltd.

The Environmental Related Material Testing Laboratory of General Jack has passed the Chinese National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) ISO17025 certification in 2007.The main engagement business of this lab is electronics / electrical / plastic and metal products harmful substances tests. Our cost is cheaper than other test labs. Please contact our laboratory responsible officer for the detail.

OEM / ODM Welcome

We produce more than 10 millions xDSL filters and splitters, cables, LAN patch cords and adapters monthly, and we have SMT machines which mount up to 1 million components on PCBs daily. G-Jack has its own Tooling Dept., Injection Dept, strong R&D Team, and SMT/Assembly line to provide high speed and complete OEM/ODM service for customers…

new products
IT06B xDSL series./image/index/product/IT06B-VDSL-b.jpg
BG06C xDSL series./image/index/product/BG06C-VDSL-b.jpg
FR06B xDSL series./image/index/product/FR06B-VDSL-b.jpg
JJ02BSR xDSL series./image/index/product/JJ02BSR-VDSL-b.jpg
JL12 xDSL series./image/index/product/JL12-VDSL-b.jpg
JL32 xDSL series./image/index/product/JL32-VDSL-b.jpg
SW15 xDSL series./image/index/product/SW15-VDSL-b.jpg
SW17 xDSL series./image/index/product/SW17-VDSL-b.jpg