environmental related material testing laboratory

The Lab area is over 200 square meters, which is formed by five parts: instrumental analysis room, pre-processing room, balance room, storage room, and office; the environment conforms fully with the regulation requirements of dust, shock, temperature and humidity, anti-virus, fire. The main engagements business of this lab are electronics / electrical / plastic and metal products harmful substances tests.

The test equipments can reach to the level of PPM and even PPb for the current industry RoHS advanced testing requirements. All the lab staff has qualified as national senior laboratory staff, and has more than 5 years of work experience in RoHS testing.

Our test equipments can be compared with SGS, CTI, ITS and other large-scale inter-laboratory testing organization. The largest relative deviation is less than 5%, and G-Jack have participated "China National Institute of Metrology” measurement auditing and proficiency testing since 2007 to 2015, the result is always satisfactory.

The test items for the lab are: Pb、Cd、Hg、Cr6+、Sb、Se、As、Ba、Ni、Cu、PBB、PBDE、TBBP-A、6P、NP、PAHs.